A sleek black website beautifully surrounds the original artwork of Ketubah Artist Nava Shoham, bringing out the bright vibrant colors of her work. Across about four pages of original designs, 1-800-Ketubah.com offers various designs inspired by unconventional color combinations and mostly abstract figures and Ketubah layout configurations.

Nava Shoham’s Ketubot are certainly more colorful than anything else we’ve seen, with each work using a wide palette. She’s even willing to change the color of the text itself to highlight phrases and names! All works are printed as ‘Giclee’ reproductions of the orginal art, done on mediums as unusual as wood, lambskin, and parchment.

1-800-ketubah.com has one of the most impressive text selection pages Noah or I have ever seen, including several languages and even country-specific versions (Portugese Jews have their own Ketubah text?!). Although they didn’t explicitly have same-sex Ketubahs, interfaith and reform options were on hand.

Overall, a Ketubah site with decent options which blends my Bubbe’s Ketubah with a splash of color.