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All Judaica

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All Judaica claims to be “Your source for quality books and Judaica,” and that includes some great Ketubot! Noah and I came across this website and realized that although it comes off as a little too traditional for our tastes, you can’t always judge a book by its cover!!

At first glance, All Judaica‘s layout is far from modern, and I kind of got lost in the bland background, but we also felt a kind of warmth. With over 30 Ketubah artists to choose from, the site manages to have lots of options, without feeling like a Big Box Ketubah store. I felt like I was in the sanctuary of my temple growing up!

Most of the designs are the types we’ve seen on all sorts of other Ketubah sites, with a few hidden gems. They also have a neat GiftList feature so you can let your in-laws know just which Ketubah you’d like! I’ve also just gotten into Pinterest, and we’ve been pinning away some of our favorite designs. Luckily, All Judaica makes it easy with a button right on their site!

Noah and I were also pleasantly surprised by the “Disclaimer” at the bottom of the page that notes that although only Orthodox Aramaic texts are universally recognized, other texts could be used to accommodate ever modern couples. Although they don’t offer the most liberal Ketubot, nearly all of their Ketubahs may be printed blank, and you can personalize the text once you and your calligrapher receive it!

Overall, a nice site with traditional designs. You can find something special, but be prepared to roll up your sleeves and dig in!

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