All Ju­daica claims to be “Your source for qual­i­ty books and Ju­daica,” and that in­cludes some great Ke­tubot! Noah and I came across this web­site and re­al­ized that al­though it comes off as a lit­tle too tra­di­tion­al for our tastes, you can’t al­ways judge a book by its cov­er!!

At first glance, All Ju­daica’s lay­out is far from mod­ern, and I kind of got lost in the bland back­ground, but we al­so felt a kind of warmth. With over 30 Ke­tubah artists to choose from, the site man­ages to have lots of op­tions, with­out feel­ing like a Big Box Ke­tubah store. I felt like I was in the sanc­tu­ary of my tem­ple grow­ing up!

Most of the de­signs are the types we’ve seen on all sorts of oth­er Ke­tubah sites, with a few hid­den gems. They al­so have a neat GiftList fea­ture so you can let your in-laws know just which Ke­tubah you’d like! I’ve al­so just got­ten in­to Pin­ter­est, and we’ve been pin­ning away some of our fa­vorite de­signs. Luck­i­ly, All Ju­daica makes it easy with a but­ton right on their site!

Noah and I were al­so pleas­ant­ly sur­prised by the “Dis­claimer” at the bot­tom of the page that notes that al­though on­ly Or­tho­dox Ara­ma­ic texts are uni­ver­sal­ly rec­og­nized, oth­er texts could be used to ac­com­mo­date ever mod­ern cou­ples. Al­though they don’t of­fer the most lib­er­al Ke­tubot, near­ly all of their Ke­tubahs may be print­ed blank, and you can per­son­al­ize the text once you and your cal­lig­ra­ph­er re­ceive it!

Over­all, a nice site with tra­di­tion­al de­signs. You can find some­thing spe­cial, but be pre­pared to roll up your sleeves and dig in!