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Boasting over 30 Artists, certainly lives up to its name! Having so many artists choices can be intimidating at first– without a sense of their style, you have to start by shooting in the dark to see whose designs really catch your eye.

With a more classical feel and older interface, AllJudaica gives the feeling of being in your Uncle’s orthodox shul, though they do have a footnote about their modern and progressive texts. Not all artists’ work accommodate every text, so watch out if you have a certain version in mind! Many of their designs do include an Egalitarian gender neutral option, which would be the best choice for two brides or grooms.

One thing Heidi and I both loved is that feeling of customer service– many of the Ketubah pages mention that they’ll call to confirm the order, which we thought was a really nice touch! Many Ketubah sites also sell Benchers, Chuppahs, or Glass (for breaking), but All Judaica is much more than that! With a full stock of Judaica for every time of the year, their full offers (lots of Ketubot and lots of regular Judaica) can’t be rivaled! If you’re looking for huge selection with a comfortable older site feel, this is a great site– just be prepared to click around a bit!

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