Ashra Designs: 3D Ketubahs

Ashra Designs: 3D Ketubahs

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The Ketubah designs over at Ashra Designs are something we’ve never seen before! It was sure refreshing when Noah and I found these unique styles, which have a really unique combination of distinct styles. Designed and executed by artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Malli, who takes traditional designs and adds a beautiful spin to them!

The best way to imagine Mizrachi-Malli’s work is to think about your parent’s Ketubah– beautiful traditional design and color– which jumps off the page in a majestic 3D way, which would never fit in a traditional frame! The dept of the Ketubah is what gives it something off the beaten path, and a sense of character!

Noah and I are always looking for beautiful designs, and this is something we had never thought up before! The website is a little clunky, but wasn’t difficult to use (just be ready for lots of very large pictures!). The text options were varied, beautiful, and inclusive for all sorts of couples, which is one thing we loved about 3D Ketubahs! They also offer English-only texts, and a number of different font options to choose from. Far from a Big Box Ketubah store, the attention here looks personalized and friendly. I think I’d love to meet Gabrielle as a a friend!

If you’re looking for something beautiful 3D, and unique, we recommend heading over! One thing that was a little hard to find was how to buy it! We recommend giving a call directly to the studio for prices and more information. You don’t want to spend the whole day trying to figure out where the ‘Add to Cart’ button is, when you can take the fast track by picking up the phone or sending an email directly!

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