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I'm Heidi! My husband Jeff and I searched high and low for the perfect Ketubah... and we want to share our knowledge with you!

Mystical Calligraphy by Ariela Housman

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There are many Ketubot Artist out there, but few that take the time to actually write out the text. The area of transcribing the Torah is left to the Soferim סופר סת”ם and unless you are looking for a Gittin, you probably never think about these artful masters. But their value [...]

Ketubah by Karny

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Ketubah by Karny features a small selection of traditional style Ketubahs. The artist, Karny, is an experienced artist born Tel Aviv and trained in both Isreal and Toronto. The "about the artist" section of the page features an impressive list of her exhibitions and journalistic reviews. Her Ketubot mostly [...]

Art Ketubah

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Nishima Kaplan's Art Ketubah has a great diversity of ketubahs to choose from. There are many categories that are sure to include whatever style you're looking for. The ketubahs featured range from prints of geometric designs, celestials, or landscape themes to handmade ketubahs by the artist featuring many different [...]

Ashra Designs: 3D Ketubahs

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The Ketubah designs over at Ashra Designs are something we've never seen before! It was sure refreshing when Noah and I found these unique styles, which have a really unique combination of distinct styles. Designed and executed by artist Gabrielle Mizrachi-Malli, who takes traditional designs and adds a beautiful [...]

The Ketubah Garden

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If your looking for a nature-inspired Ketubah which calls on traditional themes and styles, The Ketubah Garden is a great place to start! Calling itself, "a place where art, nature and Jewish tradition come together" the Ketubah Garden features designs of trees, leaves, and beautiful tranquil scenes. Artist Michelle [...]