Based in Tel Aviv, Masha Manapov was driven to create Ketubahs out of a need for “original high-quality Jewish decor products with a fresh perspective”. Her beautiful collection of Ketubot are definitely a testament to not only her time and dedication, but her artistic skill and devotion as well. With a background in design and illustrating, her funky and colorful shop, Dvash Design, was born!

With the hours Noah and I spend looking at various Ketubah websites, I have to say that first impressions truly are everything. Noah and I both loved that Dvash Design’s website matched the feel and look of their Ketubahs — minimalist and modern. Although they didn’t have tons of designs to choose from, their were various photos and color options to get a great idea of what the design looks like. They seem to be very flexible with their text and design options, but their website didn’t really answer many common first time buyer questions (the difference between the text options, cost differences, personalization, etc.).

Among the large variety of Ketubahs out there, Dvash truly is one of the better artists out there that have stood out. Couples looking for something colorful and funky, we definitely recommend checking out Dvash Designs!