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If there is one thing Noah and I continually love about ketubot it’s the artists who take on the very dynamic and time consuming technique of paper-cut. New Yorker Jerise Fogel successfully attempts this method and integrates unique imagery and design to make for an impressive collection of ketubot.

Jerise unfortunately does not have her own website where she sells her ketubot, instead she uses an etsy account. We found the setup of her etsy store to be a little disappointing overall, especially considering the huge collection of ketubot she has created! However what she lacks in presentation, she makes up for in the beautiful collection of her paper cut ketubot. She takes a traditional artistic technique and combines it with vibrant colors and diverse imagery. We absolutely loved all her different ketubot of various cities and landscapes!

One thing that truly stuck out to us was the originality of her art work. She doesn’t make a single print, all of them are custom made! She does the paper cut design and styling herself, as well as the calligraphy. Jerise’s ketubot contains a little bit of everything, from traditional artistic technique and style to contemporary imagery and vibrant colors. Her breath taking art work is definitely a different approach on a classic tradition.

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