Boasting the “Fastest Personalized Ketubahs,” has an easy to navigate page with search options by price, artist, and text option. Like many online Ketubah-resellers, they have access to over 40 Ketubah artists and more than 350 individual works and can use various texts (though no word on editing them). We were very excited to see the “Ketubahs that WOW” button, and it looks like they have recently added some great new ‘modern’ designs. Of course, there are beautiful and colorful original designs sprinkled throughout the pages, so keep an eye out for something that strikes your fancy. On the whole, the options are similar to other large Ketubah retailers, but with a nice “meet the artists” page. Something about this site makes it softer than a typical ‘Big-Bog’, and we love the idea of ordering your Ketubah and Kippah in the same place. Color coordination sounds like a great idea, and Noah and I wish we had thought it up ourselves for our wedding! One thing we did like was their dedication to Interfaith couples, and availability of Kippahs also! However, couples in a time crunch might wonder why the three-day-air price is so steep.

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