Ju­da­ic Con­nec­tion was found­ed by cou­ple Cindy and Ray­mond, and Noah and I loved the way way they present the site, with a great mis­sion and com­mit­ment to find­ing beau­ti­ful Ke­tubot for Jews of every lev­el of ob­ser­vance. Work­ing to­geth­er since they ear­ly 1990s, Cindy’s artist back­ground was the in­spi­ra­tion for Ju­da­ic Con­nec­tion.

With more than 700 Ke­tubot to choose from, they are tru­ly a big-box store that can’t be missed! With de­signs as var­ied from de­signs my grand­moth­er would have loved to the mod­ern in­spi­ra­tions like Gus­tav Klimt, you’re sure to find some­thing you love. You just might have to sit and take your time find­ing a beau­ti­ful de­sign you can’t get enough of. Since there are so many de­signs, you might be in front of the screen for a while!

An­oth­er thing we no­ticed was the se­lec­tion for Ke­tubot for un­der $100. With Ke­tubot as low as $40, we’ve nev­er seen any­thing so rea­son­able! Of course once you add per­son­al­iza­tion and ship­ping, the Ke­tubah is­n’t quite so in­ex­pen­sive, but far cheap­er than what you might find else­where! They al­so have sev­er­al text op­tions avail­able, from the most Or­tho­dox to the most pro­gres­sive, some­thing we al­ways love to see! Be care­ful, though, as some of our fa­vorite de­signs did­n’t in­clude every text op­tion. Take a close look or give them a call to get the whole sto­ry on your fa­vorite Ke­tubah!

So, head over to Ju­da­ic Con­nec­tion and get brows­ing! From long to short, oval or cir­cle, mono­chrome or bright, full col­or, they’ll have some­thing to your taste! The web­site was a bit clunky to ma­neu­ver, but the search fil­ters make it easy to find just what you’re look­ing for, so you don’t have to wade through all 700 de­signs. Try it out!