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Judaic Connection was founded by couple Cindy and Raymond, and Noah and I loved the way way they present the site, with a great mission and commitment to finding beautiful Ketubot for Jews of every level of observance. Working together since they early 1990s, Cindy’s artist background was the inspiration for Judaic Connection.

With more than 700 Ketubot to choose from, they are truly a big-box store that can’t be missed! With designs as varied from designs my grandmother would have loved to the modern inspirations like Gustav Klimt, you’re sure to find something you love. You just might have to sit and take your time finding a beautiful design you can’t get enough of. Since there are so many designs, you might be in front of the screen for a while!

Another thing we noticed was the selection for Ketubot for under $100. With Ketubot as low as $40, we’ve never seen anything so reasonable! Of course once you add personalization and shipping, the Ketubah isn’t quite so inexpensive, but far cheaper than what you might find elsewhere! They also have several text options available, from the most Orthodox to the most progressive, something we always love to see! Be careful, though, as some of our favorite designs didn’t include every text option. Take a close look or give them a call to get the whole story on your favorite Ketubah!

So, head over to Judaic Connection and get browsing! From long to short, oval or circle, monochrome or bright, full color, they’ll have something to your taste! The website was a bit clunky to maneuver, but the search filters make it easy to find just what you’re looking for, so you don’t have to wade through all 700 designs. Try it out!

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