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Ginny Reel is the fantastic artist behind the collection of artwork of Ketubah-Arts. Having a background in art and painting, she decided to combine that passion with the ancient tradition of Ketubot — and she has done so seamlessly. From custom pieces to modern prints, her website has a style for many tastes!

What Noah and I both noticed about Ginny’s website is how user friendly it is. Very simply set up, however has enough information about her business plus gorgeous ketubot that you just want to keep searching and searching. She has tons of different texts and is extremely flexible when it comes to her client’s wishes. All of her texts come with the option of Hebrew and English, as well as Aramaic for more Orthodox or traditional texts. For those who have their own custom text that they wish to include, Ginny is more than happy to accommodate to that as well. She also gives the option of paper or canvas for the majority of her ketubah!

Ketubah-Arts has quite a large Ketubot collection — everything from classic water color ketubot with traditional imagery to more modern and minimalist design. Her wide selection not only is a testament to her artistic skill, but to her wide amount of experience and dedicated practice.


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  1. Thanks so much for the lovely review!

    A small correction – all of my texts are available in a choice of Hebrew and English, Hebrew only, or English only. The Orthodox and Conservative texts are also available in Aramaic. Custom texts are welcome, but I no longer provide translation to Hebrew. Filling in names & dates is included free of charge.

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