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Ketubah by Karny

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Ketubah by Karny features a small selection of traditional style Ketubahs. The artist, Karny, is an experienced artist born Tel Aviv and trained in both Isreal and Toronto. The “about the artist” section of the page features an impressive list of her exhibitions and journalistic reviews.

Her Ketubot mostly feature a floral borders surrounding very traditional hebrew caligraphy. Though the traditional style is not exactly what Heidi and I usually look for in terms of personal taste, there are certainly those who prefer a less modern look. The offerings range from the traditional Ketubot to more elaborate three dimensional pieces.

The site runs very smoothly and the small galleries under each sub-collection are easy to navigate. Ketubah by Karny offers a more than adequate description of what a Ketubah is and explains thoroughly the different perspectives that many Jews take on the subject.

The text selection is also adequate although it leaves something to be desired in terms of non-traditional weddings like interfaith or weddings joining two brides or two grooms. I do not understand why so many ketubah sites leave out these extremely important demographics!

Overall the site runs extremely well. The only thing that was lacking – and which Heidi and I hold at the highest of importance – is diversity of selection. I finished browsing the whole collection in about 10 minutes. If you and your partner have trouble choosing out of large offerings, you might see this as an advantage. Either way, Ketubah by Karny offers an interesting selection of both traditional two dimensional ketubahs and branches out a bit to offer a few in three dimensions.

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