Are you a lover of min­i­mal­ist de­sign? Ke­tubah Graphia will not dis­ap­point! This ke­tubot web­site fea­tures a small col­lec­tion of ke­tubot art­work made by artist Al­iza Boy­er. Stripped of the busy and in­tri­cate de­tail that most tra­di­tion­al ke­tubot are com­posed of, Al­iza cre­ates a more sim­ple style of ke­tubot — while still em­brac­ing the sa­cred mes­sage of the Jew­ish tradition.

De­sign­ing a ke­tubah can be a very con­fus­ing process, es­pe­cial­ly if it is a cou­ple’s first en­counter with this kind of tra­di­tion! Ke­tubah Graphia pro­vides step-by-step in­struc­tion on cus­tom ke­tubot and a FAQ tab which in­forms you on every­thing you need to know. Al­iza al­so of­fers an ar­ray of text op­tions, in­clud­ing same-sex and in­ter­faith, which of course, Noah and I loved! It’s al­ways a plea­sure to find a com­pa­ny that is open to all dif­fer­ent op­tions and styles of text.

Like most ke­tubot web­sites, Al­iza­’s col­lec­tion of ke­tubot is a bit low and there is­n’t much va­ri­ety with­in the style of ke­tubot that she cre­ates. How­ev­er, she does of­fer a po­et­ic phrase op­tion (for an ad­di­tion­al $150) for those cou­ples that would like to mix it up and al­ter their ke­tubah to be a lit­tle bit more unique than the stan­dard print.