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Ketubah Graphia

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Are you a lover of minimalist design? Ketubah Graphia will not disappoint! This ketubot website features a small collection of ketubot artwork made by artist Aliza Boyer. Stripped of the busy and intricate detail that most traditional ketubot are composed of, Aliza creates a more simple style of ketubot — while still embracing the sacred message of the Jewish tradition.

Designing a ketubah can be a very confusing process, especially if it is a couple’s first encounter with this kind of tradition! Ketubah Graphia provides step-by-step instruction on custom ketubot and a FAQ tab which informs you on everything you need to know. Aliza also offers an array of text options, including same-sex and interfaith, which of course, Noah and I loved! It’s always a pleasure to find a company that is open to all different options and styles of text.

Like most ketubot websites, Aliza’s collection of ketubot is a bit low and there isn’t much variety within the style of ketubot that she creates. However, she does offer a poetic phrase option (for an additional $150) for those couples that would like to mix it up and alter their ketubah to be a little bit more unique than the standard print.

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