Ketubah Is Forever

Ketubah Is Forever

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Albert Hakakian is the amazing artist behind Ketubah Is Forever. His background in illustration and architecture is very apparent in the artwork he creates. Having designed ketubot for many years, his unique style and artistic taste has definitely been perfected!

His website has been very tastefully set up and although it is very easy to use, it has little to no information about prices, texts or ordering. For Noah and I this was definitely a make or break — we prefer to see all the information up front before contacting an artist. However, his contact form is very easy to locate and he also provides a phone number to call directly.

We really loved his commitment to create ketubot based on a couple’s unique story and relationship. Each of his art pieces have a deeply spiritual and traditional aspect, with almost an “other-worldly” aesthetic. The wonderful blend of colors and traditional themes really show his attention to detail and overall craftsmanship. His art and design is balanced perfectly, drawing  the eye and attention of the viewer, perfect for those couples that want to make a bold, spiritual statement.

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