To­by Lou Si­mon is the artist and cal­lig­ra­ph­er be­hind Ke­tubah Love. To­by has blend­ed her three pas­sions of Ju­daica, cal­lig­ra­phy and fab­ric arts to cre­ate a work of art that is not on­ly mean­ing­ful for your wed­ding, but al­so with a great de­sign that will look won­der­ful on a cou­ple’s wall.

To­by has com­bined gor­geous fab­ric mak­ing with the tra­di­tion­al ke­tubah art. The re­sult? Some­thing to­tal­ly unique that speaks vol­ume of tra­di­tion in an artis­tic and re­li­gious way. Her web­site not on­ly sells ke­tubot, but al­so art prints, meno­rahs, and sta­tion­ary. The Ke­tubah Love col­lec­tion is com­posed of vary­ing themes, how­ev­er they all  con­tain tons of col­ors, fab­ric styles and lots of tex­ture. The con­trast of over­lap­ping fab­rics and in­tri­cate threads cre­ates a beau­ti­ful fram­ing for the ke­tubah text.

The web­site is very user friend­ly, has lots of in­for­ma­tion and was de­signed re­al­ly nice­ly. The set­up and sleek de­sign speaks to it’s artis­tic de­sign. To­by al­so has lots of text op­tions that she lists di­rect­ly on her web­page — Noah and I both re­al­ly loved that fea­ture. From many of the artists or com­pa­nies that re­al­ly stand out with their ke­tubah, we were re­al­ly ex­cit­ed to see what was go­ing on at Ke­tubah Love. It is rare to find an artist that cre­ates ke­tubot art through a dif­fer­ent artis­tic medi­um like sewing fab­ric!