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Ketubah Love

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Toby Lou Simon is the artist and calligrapher behind Ketubah Love. Toby has blended her three passions of Judaica, calligraphy and fabric arts to create a work of art that is not only meaningful for your wedding, but also with a great design that will look wonderful on a couple’s wall.

Toby has combined gorgeous fabric making with the traditional ketubah art. The result? Something totally unique that speaks volume of tradition in an artistic and religious way. Her website not only sells ketubot, but also art prints, menorahs, and stationary. The Ketubah Love collection is composed of varying themes, however they all  contain tons of colors, fabric styles and lots of texture. The contrast of overlapping fabrics and intricate threads creates a beautiful framing for the ketubah text.

The website is very user friendly, has lots of information and was designed really nicely. The setup and sleek design speaks to it’s artistic design. Toby also has lots of text options that she lists directly on her webpage — Noah and I both really loved that feature. From many of the artists or companies that really stand out with their ketubah, we were really excited to see what was going on at Ketubah Love. It is rare to find an artist that creates ketubot art through a different artistic medium like sewing fabric!

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