Ketubah Store by Golden Dreidel

Ketubah Store by Golden Dreidel

  • Website Usability
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ketubah Selection
  • Originality
  • Diversity

With a bright, easy-to-use interface and navigation tabs on every page, Heidi and I never felt lost when using the site. As with many of the sites we’ve seen, Ketuabah Store uses the same rotation of artists as other sites we’ve reviewed, and there are a core set of artists who have their work displayed with customizable text options.

One thing we liked about this particular site was the helpful ‘My Ketubah Gallery’ button which allows you to save your favorite Ketubot, all on one page. With so many different options from so many different artists, we can see how this would be a helpful tool! The only problem is we ended up feeling like all of the Ketubot on our favorites page looked more or less the same!

With over 500+ Ketubah designs to choose from, the ‘Search by Color’ tab was helpful, though searching for a Beige Ketubah theme color didn’t exactly put us in the mood for eternal love! Neither did Burgendy for that matter, but there are all sorts of folks out there. Also, having a ‘Returns’ button made us a little uncomfortable– I hope no one ever uses it!

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