Gallery Ju­daica is a well-known sell­er of all types of Ju­daica based in Los An­ge­les, boast­ing more than 20 years in the busi­ness. Their de­signs tend to have tra­di­tion­al themes but with bright col­ors, some­thing you don’t see at your every­day Ke­tubah store. You can use their zoom fea­ture to see the de­tails of the de­signs as if they were right in front of you!

If you are a tra­di­tion­al cou­ple, Gallery Ju­daica will be great for you- there are over 400 Ke­tubot to chose from! We were re­al­ly shocked and pleased with the sheer num­ber avail­able. With many artists to choose from, the se­lec­tion is­n’t small, but we could­n’t help but feel like all of the artists stud­ied at the same art school. This made the to­tal num­ber of Ke­tubot seem a lot small­er than it re­al­ly was

Un­for­tu­nate­ly, not all Ke­tubot can ac­co­mo­date every text, which means if you are an In­ter­faith or pro­gres­sive cou­ple, this site might not be for you. They al­so charge based on time need­ed to in­clude your names in­to the print (more ex­pen­sive the clos­er you are to your wed­ding date). They aren’t the first to have this type of pric­ing scheme, but we can’t help but feel a lit­tle stressed rather than excited.