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Ketubah Kraft is an easy to navigate website that gave Noah and I an instant personal and “family owned” feel that is sometimes lacking in some of the other bigger and overwhelming judaicas.  Based on the ketubot collection by Jessica Carew Kraft, you can browse her beautiful premade work in a gallery or request to have your own made, inspired by you and what you enjoy.  She offers a variety of contemporary and traditional texts, as well as same sex, interfaith and more.

If you’re like us and have a little bit of a green spirit, you will be thrilled by taking advantage of the sustainable ketubot. Kraft gives you the option of ordering an eco-friendly ketubah printed on 100% recycled paper and finished with an all-natural paint.  She goes above and beyond and ships with recycled packaging!

The one thing we really loved was that the layout was simple and the content was organized and informative.  Just from a few minutes of browsing, we felt couples out there would really enjoy her down to earth spirit and love for the ketubot process.  You can relax in the midst of wedding plans knowing that your ketubah is in more than capable hands!

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