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  • Ketubah Design
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  • Originality
  • Diversity

Talented artist and calligrapher Melissa Dinwiddie creates “heirloom quality ketubot, marriage covenants, and other artworks for clients on a commission basis.” Of course, she also offers about 25 non-commissioned Ketubot on her website, ranging in price from about $200 to $1,450 for something really special (and embossed in 23kt gold!).

Heidi and I Loved the simplicity of her designs– these days some Ketubot can look so busy! Her combinations of bright colors and heavy lines seemed to bring out the beauty of her work in a way that really draws attention to her true talent: Calligraphy! Her use of emphasis and bold on certain words at the beginging and end of the text is something that you won’t find from a ‘big box’ Ketubah store, and we felt it was a really nice touch.

The site itself is a little clumsy, and I personally wish it could be a little easier to navigate. The options on each page also took a few minutes to fully understand (what’s the difference between a ‘Wedding Ready’ and ‘Premium Wedding Ready’ ketubah?), but it’s clear that she wants to be helpful in everyway to her couples, even if that costs a little on the heavy side!

Another thing Heidi and I appreciated was her diversity of texts– certainly standard among most Ketubah vendors these days. Even more interesting is that Melissa proudly offers free ground shipping for all Same Sex Ketubot. We’re not sure that it will single highhandedly end discrimination, but it’s a nice touch! Overall, a nice site with some unique designs, but a little on the pricy side. You can also get your wedding invitations and Chuppahs as well (the designs are just as beautiful!)

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