Ketuv Fine Art Ketubahs $500+

Ketuv Fine Art Ketubahs

  • Website Usability
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ketubah Selection
  • Originality
  • Diversity

Creating personalized reproductions of new artists, Ketuv Fine Art Ketubahs was founded by artists Arielle Angel (New York) and Maya Joseph-Goteiner (San Francisco) with a mission of creating unique and original Ketubot for a new generation. Selling the art of about 15 unique artists, whose specialties are not limited only to Ketubahs. Using unusual colors and atypical designs, Ketuv Ketubot give the feeling of strolling through an upscale loft gallery somewhere in a big city.

Heidi and I found the website design to be sleek and personal, with detailed information about the portfolios of all featured artists. Since there are relatively few works to choose from (about 25), the site felt much less intimidating than some of the ‘big-box’ Ketubah stores with more than 400 designs. You won’t be able to find these Ketubahs on 10 other sites online, which gives it a more personal feel.

We really liked how Ketuv was so clear about its commitment to interfaith and same-sex couples. Even so, we still felt like Ketuv Ketubahs were nervous about breaking the mold, so the designs still feel a little like something my mother would love. The price point is also a bit steeper, starting at $500. If you want something truly unique, they even have a custom Ketubah option where they pair you with one of their artists…starting at $1,000!

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