Ke­tubah Artist Jamie Shear cre­ate beau­ti­ful tra­di­tion­al Ke­tubot that Hei­di and I thought were both sim­ple and beau­ti­ful, though a lit­tle “too in­side the box” for our own per­son­al tastes! Her work is dis­played on, where you can find lots of oth­er spe­cial Ju­daica items for wed­dings, Bar Mitz­vahs, or just gen­er­al­ly look­ing for Jew­ish rit­u­al and art items!

Us­ing clas­sic de­signs and an­cient mo­tifs, the Ke­tubahs over at KtavTam are in­spired by Ar­men­ian pot­tery from Jerusalem, King Solomon’s Song of Songs, and and of course the Ma­gen David (Jew­ish star). On top of each page you can get in con­tact with the artist her­self, and she can work with you two on cre­at­ing a per­son­al­ized Ke­tubah! Many of the orig­i­nals in ad­di­tion to prints are avail­able, which you don’t see every­where, ei­ther. We loved the idea of own­ing an orig­i­nal piece!

The web­site it­self is sim­ple, though maybe too much! I was­n’t sure where we could find text in­for­ma­tion or the process for or­der­ing the Ke­tubah, and many did­n’t even have de­scrip­tions of the de­sign, and we were left want­i­ng to know more about the de­sign and in­spi­ra­tion for the piece! Un­like oth­er Ke­tubahs on­line, how­ev­er, many of the de­signs in­clud­ed shapes cre­at­ed from let­ters them­selves to form a unique type of de­sign, es­pe­cial­ly if your look­ing for a Ke­tubah which avoids any­thing risque in fa­vor of very con­ser­v­a­tive (with a low­er-case C!) op­tions.

Since Hei­di and I both have a bit of a flare for more mod­ern De­signs, Jame’s work at KtavTam was­n’t ex­act­ly for us, but for the cou­ple look­ing for a taste of the Old World we rec­om­mend you head over and see the de­signs. We can’t guar­an­tee you’ll be able to use your pre­ferred text, though, so be sure to ex­plore your op­tions!