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Ketubah Artist Jamie Shear create beautiful traditional Ketubot that Heidi and I thought were both simple and beautiful, though a little “too inside the box” for our own personal tastes! Her work is displayed on KtavTam.com, where you can find lots of other special Judaica items for weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, or just generally looking for Jewish ritual and art items!

Using classic designs and ancient motifs, the Ketubahs over at KtavTam are inspired by Armenian pottery from Jerusalem, King Solomon’s Song of Songs, and and of course the Magen David (Jewish star). On top of each page you can get in contact with the artist herself, and she can work with you two on creating a personalized Ketubah! Many of the originals in addition to prints are available, which you don’t see everywhere, either. We loved the idea of owning an original piece!

The website itself is simple, though maybe too much! I wasn’t sure where we could find text information or the process for ordering the Ketubah, and many didn’t even have descriptions of the design, and we were left wanting to know more about the design and inspiration for the piece! Unlike other Ketubahs online, however, many of the designs included shapes created from letters themselves to form a unique type of design, especially if your looking for a Ketubah which avoids anything risque in favor of very conservative (with a lower-case C!) options.

Since Heidi and I both have a bit of a flare for more modern Designs, Jame’s work at KtavTam wasn’t exactly for us, but for the couple looking for a taste of the Old World we recommend you head over and see the designs. We can’t guarantee you’ll be able to use your preferred text, though, so be sure to explore your options!

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