Lau­ren Rosen­thal of Love By Leya com­bines a per­fect bal­ance of fine art and ro­mance for an or­gan­ic ke­tubah you don’t want to miss! A self-pro­claimed “suck­er for love”, Rosen­thal cre­ates and sells pa­perie ke­tubot and does it all com­plete­ly solo.

Her web­site is set up as crafty and sweet as the art­work she sells.  Noah felt the choic­es to pick from were ex­treme­ly low (at the mo­ment, four in all).  How­ev­er she gives col­or op­tions and the abil­i­ty to view in de­tail her pre-de­signed ke­tubot!  As well you can or­der di­rect­ly from her or through her Et­sy site.  She al­so of­fers a va­ri­ety of text op­tions and the free­dom to do sort of a “mix-and-match” at no ex­tra cost.

Noah and I both agree that Lau­ren’s ke­tubot al­though seem­ing­ly sim­ple, in­spires a clas­sic love that you can have and cher­ish for years to come-both on your wall and in your hearts.