Lauren Rosenthal of Love By Leya combines a perfect balance of fine art and romance for an organic ketubah you don’t want to miss! A self-proclaimed “sucker for love”, Rosenthal creates and sells paperie ketubot and does it all completely solo.

Her website is set up as crafty and sweet as the artwork she sells.  Noah felt the choices to pick from were extremely low (at the moment, four in all).  However she gives color options and the ability to view in detail her pre-designed ketubot!  As well you can order directly from her or through her Etsy site.  She also offers a variety of text options and the freedom to do sort of a “mix-and-match” at no extra cost.

Noah and I both agree that Lauren’s ketubot although seemingly simple, inspires a classic love that you can have and cherish for years to come-both on your wall and in your hearts.