Founded in 2003, photographer and artist Daniel Sroka created to present his floral and nature photography as the beautiful art encasing the text of Ketubot. Using extremely zoomed in shots, Modern Ketubah offers brilliant color and dramatic use of focus to provide the art of any couple’s Ketubah for a compelling effect.

The website is easy to navigate, with clear and un-complicated options for each Ketubah. They also offer a selection of about 20 famous quotations (from Ghandi to Hugo) on love which can compliment the artwork in large letters–an idea Noah and I loved! The text options were clear & friendly for all types of couples, something we were excited about. One unusual thing is where couple’s sign: in the bottom margin, outside of the actual photograph and text, a design we’re note hug fans of.

The one downside is the limited selection– while the floral portraits are gorgeous, there is only one page of choices, which made us feel a a little confined. Since the prints are so big, the colors also felt monochromatic, but maybe that’s just us!