MP Artworks Ketubah Studio $99-450

MP Artworks Ketubah Studio

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  • Ketubah Design
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  • Originality
  • Diversity

Some websites have so many options, they can’t help but blitz you with lots of great information! Despite a somewhat cluttered website design, Heidi and I both thought that the folks at the MP Artworks Ketubah Studio did a great job of displaying their most colorful and creative designs prominently, making us more excited than other pages (even if they might have the same work!).

If you’re on the fence about which Ketubot to buy, the Ketubah Studio might be your best option. For about $20 they will mail you a sample print, so you can actually feel the paper and see the actual colors (sometimes the colors of Ketubot don’t appear in reality exactly as on the website), which is a nice touch!

One unique option offered by Ketubah Studio is their low-cost “Ketubah4less” option. So, if you’re in a crunch for cash and are willing to purchase a Ketubah on slightly less-than-heavyweight paper and a smaller print size, this might be a good choice for you and your fiance. Keep an eye out though: there is a small-print warning:Ketubah4Less prints might be too tiny to read!

Overall, a good one-stop shop, but be ready to wade through lots of information and links. A little patience goes a long way!

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