Some web­sites have so many op­tions, they can’t help but blitz you with lots of great in­for­ma­tion! De­spite a some­what clut­tered web­site de­sign, Hei­di and I both thought that the folks at the MP Art­works Ke­tubah Stu­dio did a great job of dis­play­ing their most col­or­ful and cre­ative de­signs promi­nent­ly, mak­ing us more ex­cit­ed than oth­er pages (even if they might have the same work!).

If you’re on the fence about which Ke­tubot to buy, the Ke­tubah Stu­dio might be your best op­tion. For about $20 they will mail you a sam­ple print, so you can ac­tu­al­ly feel the pa­per and see the ac­tu­al col­ors (some­times the col­ors of Ke­tubot don’t ap­pear in re­al­i­ty ex­act­ly as on the web­site), which is a nice touch!

One unique op­tion of­fered by Ke­tubah Stu­dio is their low-cost “Ketubah4less” op­tion. So, if you’re in a crunch for cash and are will­ing to pur­chase a Ke­tubah on slight­ly less-than-heavy­weight pa­per and a small­er print size, this might be a good choice for you and your fi­ance. Keep an eye out though: there is a small-print warn­ing:Ketubah4Less prints might be too tiny to read!

Over­all, a good one-stop shop, but be ready to wade through lots of in­for­ma­tion and links. A lit­tle pa­tience goes a long way!