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My Ketubah

  • Website Usability
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ketubah Selection
  • Originality
  • Diversity

When Noah and I were searching for our ketubah one of the most critical parts of the process was how an artist’s website was set up, as well as the content it had. For us this was really important! My Ketubah hits the nail right on the head with their webpage set up — really easy to use and a lot of information organized in a great way.

My Ketubah are ketubot made by artist Orna Weisberg. Born in Israel and presently living in San Francisco, Orna has been making art her entire life. With a mix of drawing, painting and sculpting with a variety of mediums, her artistic passion and Jewish background is the driving force behind the beautiful art pieces she creates.

Her love for combining ancient tradition with contemporary design is very evident in her collection. She uses a lot of biblical imagery, but adds her own unique artistic style. Her ketubot are completely kosher using traditional leather parchment and kosher ink to write on the ketubah. We really loved the personal touches she makes such as the gold lettering

She’s has lots of different art pieces in her gallery with photo close ups and tons of text options. She also offers the option of personalization or custom text. Unfortunately her ketubot are on the pricier range and although we loved the set up of her page, it’s missing an easy way to purchase her art pieces. Her passion to make something timeless and unique translates seamlessly to her artwork, making any couple proud to hang their ketubah for years to come!

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