Mystical Calligraphy by Ariela Housman TBD

Mystical Calligraphy by Ariela Housman

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There are many Ketubot Artist out there, but few that take the time to actually write out the text. The area of transcribing the Torah is left to the Soferim סופר סת”ם and unless you are looking for a Gittin, you probably never think about these artful masters. But their value is not lost on Noah and me, we love calligraphy, and handwritten Ketubot give you the feeling of enchantment and mystery. Ariela Housman takes on the job of scribe and could possibly make any Ketubah have that final touch that makes it perfect.

The Ketubot on her website, although beautifully painted, fall in line with the majority of what is out there, maintaining the same themes, and ideas we have been seeing for many years. Take a tour of her site, and once you have the Ketubah of your dreams in mind, shoot her an email, and ask her to do the calligraphy!


What a way to finish up your Ketubah!



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