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Graphic Designer and artist Tsilli Pines is the skill and craft behind all the beautiful artwork sold on New Ketubah. Tsilli is an Israeli-American who lives and works in Portland, Oregon. She started creating ketubot after she made her very first one for her own wedding! Her website is set up very classy and sleek, and is a clear testament to her skill in Graphic Design. Not too much, not too little — and completely beautiful and modern in design.

Noah and I absolutely fell in love with the ketubot created by Tsilli. Her artpieces combine different artistic forms and they are all banner sized in length, creating an elegant piece for any home. Some of the ketubot are more classic in imagery, while others have polaroids and cotton thread stitching. She integrates a perfect blend of ketubah tradition, polaroids, and stitching to create a more dynamic look with a contemporary twist.

I really enjoyed finding her step by step process of how to go about designing and ordering a ketubah. Most websites forget to include this very vital information. After all, for many couples this is the very first time they are doing something like this! Similar to most other ketubah artistis she includes different text options or the option of creating your own. Sadly, her ketubot options were pretty limited and there weren’t a ton of alternative colors. She does offer personalization at affordable prices as well. Tsilli’s ketubot are perfect for the couples who want a little bit of everything – classic tradition, old school picture prints and a home-made touch!


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