New World Ketubah $290

New World Ketubah

  • Website Usability
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ketubah Selection
  • Originality
  • Diversity

Not just ketubot, New World Ketubah also creates wedding invitations and sells various other wedding gifts. New World Ketubah sells ketubot from a few different artists, but the owner and main artist is Rachel Deitsch. The combination of her ketubot along with the other pieces work perfectly as their are tons of options for every taste.

Rachel’s website was set up wonderfully! Noah and I definitely noticed the hard work that was put in to making her business work and her website really flow. Everything is organized in an easy-to-use way and her ordering options are very buyer friendly! She has tons of text options, which is always a big selling point for me. She also offers two different sizes and a few different personalization options.

Having described creating ketubot as something just “clicking”, Rachel’s artwork is a true testament to her passion and skill. The color palette and design create a very calm and pleasing aesthetic — a beautiful work of art that any couple could be proud to hang on their wall for many years!

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