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Once Upon A Paper

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Once Upon A Paper is a paper company made up of various gifts, art prints and ketubot made by artist Gene B. Living between New York and Europe with a background in architecture, Gene has created a collection of ketubot that are beautifully simple in design, and powerful in meaning!

Once Upon a Paper has both a website and an etsy where Gene displays and sells her art work. What really stood out to us was the flexibility she offers for anyone looking to order a ketubah. She includes free personalization of texts and colors, custom layout of her designs and even a 10% refund for any couple that shares photos of the big day! She doesn't provide any texts, but does offer the option to couples to submit any text they desire.

With clean lines and a natural palette of colors, it is clearly evident where Gene has taken her passion for architecture and put it into creating ketubot. Most of her ketubot exhibit a similar organic theme like birds and trees. Noah and I both agreed that her collection is absolutely wonderful, but we would love to see some variation.

Unfortunately Once Upon A Paper doesn't have a very large selection of ketubot. And for those who don't quite know what goes into the ketubah designing process (i.e. the right kind of text, what names to include, how many witnesses, etc.), her website doesn't really serve to fully explain these things. However with budget friendly prices and tons of personalization flexibility, Once Upon A Paper is perfect for the couple that already knows exactly what they're looking for!

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