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Papercuts By Oren

With a background in classical fine art training, it didn’t take artist Oren Loloi long to find where his true...

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Zeesi Fine Art Judaica

Starting out as a textile designer in New York, artist Zeesi has a background in fine art training, as well as a...

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Shine 516

Candice Coates is the artist and design behind the beautiful collection of ketubot of Shine 516. Her company started...

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Bagel Ketubahs

A great website and eclectic collection of artwork, BGL Same-Sex Ketubahs is a great source for Gay and Lesbian...

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The Painted Ketubah

With an MFA in Painting and an MA in Contemporary Art History, artist Hadass Mor Gerson has built The Painted Ketubah...

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Orthodox Ketubot

Orthodox Ketubot is an Orthodox-only Ketubah store and is the new player on the Ketubah block in the Ketubah...

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The Glass Ketubah

The Glass Ketubah is an artistic project developed by Skip and Illene Dyrda. Both Skip and Illene have a collective...

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