With a background in classical fine art training, it didn’t take artist Oren Loloi long to find where his true passion lies. Studying at one of the best art schools in the world, Oren had no doubt in his mind that his life would be dedicated to producing and selling art. He quickly became involved with paper-only products through striving to work with artistic mediums that weren’t toxic to himself, as well as the environment. Like many artists, Oren created his very first ketubah for himself and his wife. After already being deeply involved with the paper cut craft, he married the two and is now creating absolutely stunning works of art.

If there is one thing that Noah and I truly stand by, it’s the ability of a website to reflect the work it produces and sells, and Papercuts By Oren does just that. With a sleek, modern interface and an easy to navigate menu, his website definitely leaves you wanting more! Although his Ketubah shop has limited designs, the work he does have is absolutely beautiful. As well he offers personalization or complete custom orders.

We absolutely loved Oren’s designs, especially the slide of photos of the physical ketubahs themselves! Although his Ketubah prices are a bit steep (not out of the ordinary for papercuts), he cuts each part of the design by hand, so it is truly a one-of-a-kind, direct from the artist himself. It is evident from his ketubahs the attention to detail and time he puts forward to each papercut – handcrafting so that it is absolutely perfect, from start to finish.