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Shop Ketubah has an enormous gallery of artists to choose from, and quite the extensive selection of Ketubot themselves. Prices ran the gamut from $75 to $550, with designs increasingly complex, and some even silver or bronze plated! With an easy search function and the ability to search all of their inventory by Artist, Color, Style, Text and Prices, the site was made with usability in mind.

Of course, with over 34 pages of about 15 Ketubot per page, it get get a little overwhelming, but who said too much choice is a bad thing? Even when I tried to do a specific search, the results were still over 8 pages long, and I was tired of seeing the same traditional designs after I got past page 3.  It was exciting to see that some of their “Modern” designs were inspired by the likes of Chagall and Klimt, though they didn’t quit live up to their names.  Even so, a break from trees was refreshing!

Shop Ketubah offers several texts, including Humanist and Interfaith but no word on same-sex marriages or ability to accomodate these couples.  Heidi and I didn’t get the impression that Shop Ketubah was very warm and fuzzy, but their site was very usable, and we haven’t had any direct interaction with them.

Plus, if you live in Florida shipping is free!

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