The Glass Ketubah $245+

The Glass Ketubah

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The Glass Ketubah is an artistic project developed by Skip and Illene Dyrda. Both Skip and Illene have a collective background in various mediums of art and reflects their range of talent in their dynamic pieces. Their Ketubot combines photography and glass works to make a completely original and one of a kind work of art.

As many know, most Ketubot are born out of watercolor, paint or graphic design. Skip and Illene’s website explains that their Ketubot’s life begins in a kiln. At first glance, Noah and I automatically assumed their Ketubah was made of complete glass, which already was an interesting idea! However their process is a little more in depth: They take pieces of gorgeous glass and fuse them together to create the beautiful background image. They photograph the finished glass piece and edit the design to combine with a border and chosen text, and finally printed on archival water color paper. To finish off their Ketubot, they recreate the most unique parts of the design with actual pieces of glass!

They offer their Ketubot with or without glass to accommodate all budgets. They are also very flexible with texts and allow couples to change anything they desire. What I loved the most was their “matching accessories” (even jewelry!) to go with your Ketubah. Not only the is overall appearance and organization of their website gorgeous, but their Ketubot are completely unique and something we’ve never seen before! Wether you’re looking for a one of a kind piece, or something a little more traditional, Glass Ketubah is definitely worth a look.

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