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The Ketubah Garden

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If your looking for a nature-inspired Ketubah which calls on traditional themes and styles, The Ketubah Garden is a great place to start! Calling itself, “a place where art, nature and Jewish tradition come together” the Ketubah Garden features designs of trees, leaves, and beautiful tranquil scenes.

Artist Michelle Cohen, who also teachers in Toronto’s Jewish Day Schools, works in acrylic, gauche, and watercolor to paint her Ketubot, and creates beautiful prints for a reasonable price, about $310 for the print and personalization! Noah and I really liked the idea of bringing natural themes into the Ketubah, though we wish her website was a little easier to navigate! It’s a shame that such beautiful Ketubot are relatively hidden by the tiny “Gallery” button at the bottom of the page, but it’s worth it to find it!

Like the art but looking for something extra? She can add gold or silver accents to the work, which I think would be a beautiful shimmering touch! She also can create Ketubot especially for the couple’s preferred set of colors, starting at $650. Noah loved the fact that the couple would be receiving a real work of art, and not a print. But the price was quite hefty!

Overall, the Ketubah Garden was just as green and nature-inspired as it sounds! Although the artist didn’t explicitly mention same-sex Ketubot in her list of texts, it did mention that the list is growing– and we hope to see some more liberal options soon!

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