The Ketubah is a collection of art created by artist Stephanie Caplan. She started making ketubot after she made one for a friend as a wedding gift. From there Stephanie’s passion for ketubot took off — it combined her love for art and Jewish culture. Stephanie’s focus is to create ketubot for everyone to enjoy, wether their focus is more about the traditionalism of the text, the style of the art or both!

Noah and I both agreed that her website felt like visiting an art gallery, simple and clean. What we enjoyed even more was that she was able to keep this aesthetic while also including a ton of information about her ketubot. She includes information and necessary steps from the very beginning to the end — from ordering and designing to final shipment and display. The Ketubah website although straightforward and easy to navigate, doesn’t have the best set up to purchase her ketubot.

Her design options are fairly simple and standard for most ketubah artists. She includes a variety of texts that fit all styles of couples and individual tastes. Most of her ketubot have classic, natural themes and images. We loved the different ketubot galleries she has with various materials, styles and ornaments. She also includes the option to add 23 ct. gold leaf accents for an extra charge — it’s these little touches that truly make Stephanie’s website and ketubot unique! Unfortunately her art pieces are more on the pricier side, but the majority are original watercolor paintings and definitely worth taking a look!