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  • Diversity features original artwork by artist Stephanie Caplan, who currently lives in New York City’s East Village. With a rich Jewish background, the artist creates watercolor designs using bold colors and influences of great names in art,such as Rothko, to create custom art (a hefty $1800-4000 pricetag), as well as reproduced prints available for purchase much more reasonably (about $300).

Heidi and I loved the light tones of the art, and the modern design fo the webpage made it easy to navigate. We were both surprised by how many different works of art there were available, since it takes a few clicks to see the full gallery for a given motif or artist. Since all works are watercolor, the original artwork always had a ‘breezier’ feel, so if your looking for exceptionally dark or rich work, you might want to blow past We also decided to give it a relatively low ‘Selection’ score because all of the works felt very similar (to be expected from a single artist!)

One thing we particularly liked about TheKetubah is the availability of ‘paper’ Ketubahs, where the art is within the paper itself. Each sheet is hand-mand and original, adding an unusual texture to your Ketubah. Unfortunately, you can’t see see or touch a sample, but you can visit the gallery if you are in the NYC area.

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