Wiley Valentine $200

Wiley Valentine

  • Website Usability
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ketubah Selection
  • Originality
  • Diversity

Wiley Valentine is a paper company started by graphic designers Emily and Rachelle. Through the inspirations of their own grandmothers and their skilled experience with design and paper, they aspire to create gorgeous works of paper art, while always being sensitive to out planet.

Their website is wonderful, tons of photos with a very sleek design. Lamentably they don’t sell their ketubot here, however they do have an easily accessible etsy site. The larger portion of their website sells invitations, stationary and more.

Shying away from the very typical ketubot artwork and images, their artwork is a gorgeous collaboration of traditional ketubah and modern stationary style. They only started making their ketubot about a year ago, so their collection is relatively small (only 8 in all), however we are definitely glad they did! With tons of color and design options, the collection certainly has a ton of flexibility in terms of personalization. Noah and I have certainly fell in love with their ketubot, and we are certain you will as well!

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