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Anna of A Studio has been creating art her whole life, however she didn’t start creating ketubot and Judaica style art work until she met her husband and created a ketubot for her own wedding. After that she started designing ketubot for friends and family. Now she has a collection on her website, A Studio where she sells and commissions ketubot.

Noah and I loved the layout of her website and the graphics she uses. Sadly enough she doesn’t have a huge selection, however that seems to be the standard for smaller artists who are personally selling their work. Anna includes a lot of helpful and important information on her page — FAQ’s, what the ordering process entails and an easy-to-view list of her text options.

Her collection of ketubot are what Anna describes as “whimsical with an urban twist”, and we happen to agree! Not only does she love creating custom ketubot, but she also makes wedding invitations. Most of her ketubot are comprised of nature themes such as trees and flowers, and couples. She absolutely captures the sacredness of this classic tradition, while perfectly integrating her own unique contemporary art style.

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