Zeesi Fine Art Judaica

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Starting out as a textile designer in New York, artist Zeesi has a background in fine art training, as well as a beautiful collection of ketubot. Zeesi's ketubah collection draws inspiration from the landscape and symbolic images in Israel, and is a testament to her skill within various artistic [...]


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Betty Maoz is the very talented artist behind Ketubah-Boutique. A native texan that moved to Israel years ago, Betty has combined her love for nature, art, and Judaism. She creates each ketubah with lots of experience and a holistic approach. As a talented graphic artist and illustrator, Betty has [...]

Art Chazin

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Boasting a beautiful storefront on exclusive King David street in Jerusalem and 'Illumination Style' Ketubot in the most traditional sense, the Chazin family and creates and sells Jewish art on parchment for all sorts of occasions. From Ketubot to Megillahs (for Purim!) and other Judaica needs, these Ketubot will [...]

Oded Ez­er Typography

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If you're looking for anything but the standard big-box store Ketubah, Oded Ezer Typography makes incredibly gorgeous Ketubot without ever lifting a paint brush! Using his unique styling and famous type-faces which he creates himself, Oded Ezer blew away both Heidi and myself with his special paper-cutting techniques, far [...]

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