Getting married? Mazal Tov!

Thanks for visiting the home of the Jewish wedding contract on the web! As a simple Google search may have indicated, there lots of options when it comes to finding the perfect Ketubah for you and your fiance. From art work to text choices, it can leave you feeling like you’ve schlepped for 40 days and 40 nights. We know that finding the perfect Ketubah is tough. How do you know which companies are good? Can you be sure an artist’s customer service is top notch, or will he be more of a curse than a blessing?

Noah and I are dedicated making sure couples have access to objective assessments and consumer reviews of everything the Web has to offer when it comes to Ketubahs. There is the old saying “two Jews, three opinions,” and we value them all here! Recently bought a Ketubah? Submit your review here!

We know that today’s Jewish family isn’t the same as our Bubbe’s. We value diversity. For this reason, we only choose to review Ketubah vendors who view every relationship as beautiful and worthy of this very special Jewish tradition!

Heidi and Noah