Get­ting mar­ried? Mazal Tov!

Thanks for vis­it­ing the home of the Jew­ish wed­ding con­tract on the web! As a sim­ple Google search may have in­di­cat­ed, there lots of op­tions when it comes to find­ing the per­fect Ke­tubah for you and your fi­ance. From art work to text choic­es, it can leave you feel­ing like you’ve schlepped for 40 days and 40 nights. We know that find­ing the per­fect Ke­tubah is tough. How do you know which com­pa­nies are good? Can you be sure an artist’s cus­tomer ser­vice is top notch, or will he be more of a curse than a blessing?

Noah and I are ded­i­cat­ed mak­ing sure cou­ples have ac­cess to ob­jec­tive as­sess­ments and con­sumer re­views of every­thing the Web has to of­fer when it comes to Ke­tubahs. There is the old say­ing “two Jews, three opin­ions,” and we val­ue them all here! Re­cent­ly bought a Ke­tubah? Sub­mit your re­view here!

We know that to­day’s Jew­ish fam­i­ly is­n’t the same as our Bubbe’s. We val­ue di­ver­si­ty. For this rea­son, we on­ly choose to re­view Ke­tubah ven­dors who view every re­la­tion­ship as beau­ti­ful and wor­thy of this very spe­cial Jew­ish tradition!

Hei­di and Noah