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Betty Maoz is the very talented artist behind Ketubah-Boutique. A native texan that moved to Israel years ago, Betty has combined her love for nature, art, and Judaism. She creates each ketubah with lots of experience and a holistic approach. As a talented graphic artist and illustrator, Betty has [...]

Jerise Ke­tubahs

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If there is one thing Noah and I continually love about ketubot it's the artists who take on the very dynamic and time consuming technique of paper-cut. New Yorker Jerise Fogel successfully attempts this method and integrates unique imagery and design to make for an impressive collection of ketubot. [...]

Ke­tubah Graphia

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Are you a lover of minimalist design? Ketubah Graphia will not disappoint! This ketubot website features a small collection of ketubot artwork made by artist Aliza Boyer. Stripped of the busy and intricate detail that most traditional ketubot are composed of, Aliza creates a more simple style of ketubot [...]

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