Ke­tubah Ink

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Jenny Herbert from Ketubah Ink combines beautiful design and skill with ancient Jewish tradition to create something completely unique and stunning for every important milestone in your life. After creating her very first Ketubah for a close friend, she began to focus on Ketubahs. Her background and passion for art [...]

Ke­tubah by Karny

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Ketubah by Karny features a small selection of traditional style Ketubahs. The artist, Karny, is an experienced artist born Tel Aviv and trained in both Isreal and Toronto. The "about the artist" section of the page features an impressive list of her exhibitions and journalistic reviews. Her Ketubot mostly [...]

The Ke­tubah Garden

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If your looking for a nature-inspired Ketubah which calls on traditional themes and styles, The Ketubah Garden is a great place to start! Calling itself, "a place where art, nature and Jewish tradition come together" the Ketubah Garden features designs of trees, leaves, and beautiful tranquil scenes. Artist Michelle [...]

Jessy Ju­daica

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Boasting the "Fastest Personalized Ketubahs," has an easy to navigate page with search options by price, artist, and text option. Like many online Ketubah-resellers, they have access to over 40 Ketubah artists and more than 350 individual works and can use various texts (though no word on editing [...]

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