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Art By Batya

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Art by Batya is a collection of ketubot pieces created by Batya Weinstock.  Her ketubot are created using a variety of mediums including watercolor, oil and paper-cut.  Batya includes not only ketubot pieces on her website, but her other artwork as well.  She even designs and creates personalized wedding invitations!

From the amount of websites Noah and I have reviewed so far, we absolutely fell in love with the design and layout of Batya’s website!  Unlike most traditional ketubah artists or companies, it is very evident that Batya took the time to design and create a website that was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing.  Her ketubot are more on the traditional side, however her combination of paper-cut and vibrant colors is something unique and a refreshing take on a classic art piece.

Batya did not have a ton of options on her website, nor did she include much information about prices or how to go about ordering a ketubah.  However, she does create commissioned ketubot for those who want to change, alter or request to design something completely different.  She creates her own text from the most traditional style to the most modern. If you are in the process of buying a more traditional and paper-cut ketubah, I would recommend stopping by Batya’s website.    The vibrant colors and intricate design make for a beautiful crafted art piece!

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