Art Fried comes from a lifetime of experience in art and design, and he definitely brings that enthusiasm into creating Ketubahs! In addition to his art and design background, Art also has experience and skill in calligraphy. After trying his hand out at a few different things, Art came back to creating Ketubahs — his true artistic passion!

Art Fried’s Ketubahs are something different, it’s definitely evident that he’s open to creating all different styles! Although they weren’t Noah and I’s favorite style, i’m sure there are plenty of couples that would love his designs. Sadly his website was hard to navigate and didn’t run very well — we had a lot of issues doing the most basic things, like opening the FAQ page. His website did contain a great order form and had a lot of information about the texts he offers, but unfortunately we saw no prices anywhere!

Unfortunately Art Fried’s page lacked a lot of really important information and variety in styles. Most of his Ketubahs contained a more graphic art style, but we would have loved to see something a little different! However, for those who would like something more traditional and vibrant, we definitely recommend taking a look at his Ketubah collection.