A great website and eclectic collection of artwork, BGL Same-Sex Ketubahs is a great source for Gay and Lesbian ketubahs! The “Bagel Team” (“Bagel” for “Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian”) started their website through the typical struggle Same-Sex Jewish couples face on most ketubah websites — finding not just the perfect design, put the perfect text. Having only just stumbled upon them we were surprised to learn that they are the only website out there that sells Same-Sex only ketubot!

Their website was designed beautifully — an easy to navigate homepage, menu options, and an update of their latest ketubot. Their gallery is truly extensive, with a variety of designs and styles from tons of different artists! Noah and I both loved the ability to view ketubah designs based on price, design style, material, and more. Not only do they keep a resource page for those Same-Sex couples that are still in the midst of their planning, but they also regularly update their blog with Gay rights news and events from all over the world!

Bagel Ketubahs is a perfect place for Same-Sex Jewish couples to find the ketubah they’ve always dreamed of. Overall, the Bagel Team seems truly dedicated about creating an environment that is passionate about modern art and the ketubah tradition — and tailoring that for Same-Sex couples everywhere. With so many designs and text options, Bagel Ketubahs has a style for every taste!