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Fresh Ketubah

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Having the perfect ketubah created is a special and unique experience.  This is a work of art that a couple will have for years to come, something that each time they look at it they feel refreshed and filled with love and warmth.  Fresh Ketubah by Naomi Broudo, will leave you feeling just that.

Noah and I both enjoyed going through the Fresh Ketubah website, the colors and design reflect Naomi’s art style. Most of her ketubot have tree or floral designs with gorgeous, vibrant colors.  Unfortunately, in order to buy or design any ketubah from Naomi you have to go directly through her etsy site, rather than the website. However she does have quite an assortment of text options and even offers a couple’s English text at no extra charge!

Our favorite feature of Fresh Ketubah is that all of the ketubot are printed on 100% cotton rag paper and the text is printed with archival inks.  Similar to most etsy style ketubah artists, Naomi doesn’t have a huge selection of prints.  Among the ketubot that she does create, she offers them at great prices and different sizes as well.  It is evident that Naomi takes the time and pays a ton of attention to detail and design.  Her collection of ketubot are perfect for the couple that desires something more simple, yet beautiful!

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  1. Hi Heidi and Noah,
    Thank you so much for including your review of my work and my etsy shop! I was very excited to find your site! I just wanted to add, that a larger selection of my work is also available through ( The designs they sell for me are different than the ones I have on etsy, and between the two sites, I have nearly 40 designs :)

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