The first of its kind, it isn’t hard to guess what Interfaith Ketubahs specializes in! With designs varying from modern and unique, to more subtle and traditional, Interfaith Ketubahs carries gorgeous art pieces from some of the best Ketubah artists out there. Their pointed focus on the needs and unique challenges of creating an Interfaith Ketubah makes them the perfect option for any Interfaith couples searching for their dream Ketubah!

Not coming from an Interfaith family ourselves, Noah and I never really searched for anything specifically Interfaith. In fact, we sort of stumbled on them accidentally — but so glad we did! Their website is very user friendly and easily guides you through the Ketubah process and has easy to view options for texts, materials, and designs. They also included tons of resources for Interfaith style weddings and fully explained what an Interfaith Ketubah looks like historically and modernly.

With Ketubahs ranging in all styles and sizes from various Ketubah artists, we definitely loved their site. One thing that really stuck out was the amount of Interfaith texts they had, and in tons of languages. Noah commented how wonderful and refreshing it is to see a progressive and laid back approach to something that can tend to be a bit tricky! For those looking for a Ketubah that truly blends and reflects both of your cultures, faiths, and styles, check out Interfaith Ketubahs — you won’t be disappointed!