The first of its kind, it is­n’t hard to guess what In­ter­faith Ke­tubahs spe­cial­izes in! With de­signs vary­ing from mod­ern and unique, to more sub­tle and tra­di­tion­al, In­ter­faith Ke­tubahs car­ries gor­geous art pieces from some of the best Ke­tubah artists out there. Their point­ed fo­cus on the needs and unique chal­lenges of cre­at­ing an In­ter­faith Ke­tubah makes them the per­fect op­tion for any In­ter­faith cou­ples search­ing for their dream Ketubah!

Not com­ing from an In­ter­faith fam­i­ly our­selves, Noah and I nev­er re­al­ly searched for any­thing specif­i­cal­ly In­ter­faith. In fact, we sort of stum­bled on them ac­ci­den­tal­ly — but so glad we did! Their web­site is very user friend­ly and eas­i­ly guides you through the Ke­tubah process and has easy to view op­tions for texts, ma­te­ri­als, and de­signs. They al­so in­clud­ed tons of re­sources for In­ter­faith style wed­dings and ful­ly ex­plained what an In­ter­faith Ke­tubah looks like his­tor­i­cal­ly and modernly.

With Ke­tubahs rang­ing in all styles and sizes from var­i­ous Ke­tubah artists, we def­i­nite­ly loved their site. One thing that re­al­ly stuck out was the amount of In­ter­faith texts they had, and in tons of lan­guages. Noah com­ment­ed how won­der­ful and re­fresh­ing it is to see a pro­gres­sive and laid back ap­proach to some­thing that can tend to be a bit tricky! For those look­ing for a Ke­tubah that tru­ly blends and re­flects both of your cul­tures, faiths, and styles, check out In­ter­faith Ke­tubahs — you won’t be disappointed!