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  • Website Usability
  • Ketubah Design
  • Ketubah Selection
  • Originality
  • Diversity

Betty Maoz is the very talented artist behind Ketubah-Boutique. A native texan that moved to Israel years ago, Betty has combined her love for nature, art, and Judaism. She creates each ketubah with lots of experience and a holistic approach.

As a talented graphic artist and illustrator, Betty has created a collection of unique ketubot. Her works of art are filled with tons of different imagery and lots of vibrant color. Betty’s art pieces although not the typical traditional or modern art style, are unique and interesting in their own way!

Betty has a variety of texts available from Humanistic, Interfaith Anniversary, and more. She does have free personalization as well as four different sizes of Ketubot. Noah and I really loved that her website even provides some rabbis and officiants for couples that are looking. Unfortunately the Ketubah-Boutique website isn’t extremely user friendly compared to a majority of the ketubah artists we have seen so far.

Her collection of ketubot are a testament to Betty’s interest and skill in graphic design. She doesn’t have a very large or varying selection of ketubot, however among the pieces of art she does have they are all very gorgeous and unique on their own!

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