Bet­ty Maoz is the very tal­ent­ed artist be­hind Ke­tubah-Bou­tique. A na­tive tex­an that moved to Is­rael years ago, Bet­ty has com­bined her love for na­ture, art, and Ju­daism. She cre­ates each ke­tubah with lots of ex­pe­ri­ence and a holis­tic ap­proach.

As a tal­ent­ed graph­ic artist and il­lus­tra­tor, Bet­ty has cre­at­ed a col­lec­tion of unique ke­tubot. Her works of art are filled with tons of dif­fer­ent im­agery and lots of vi­brant col­or. Bet­ty’s art pieces al­though not the typ­i­cal tra­di­tion­al or mod­ern art style, are unique and in­ter­est­ing in their own way!

Bet­ty has a va­ri­ety of texts avail­able from Hu­man­is­tic, In­ter­faith An­niver­sary, and more. She does have free per­son­al­iza­tion as well as four dif­fer­ent sizes of Ke­tubot. Noah and I re­al­ly loved that her web­site even pro­vides some rab­bis and of­fi­ciants for cou­ples that are look­ing. Un­for­tu­nate­ly the Ke­tubah-Bou­tique web­site is­n’t ex­treme­ly user friend­ly com­pared to a ma­jor­i­ty of the ke­tubah artists we have seen so far.

Her col­lec­tion of ke­tubot are a tes­ta­ment to Bet­ty’s in­ter­est and skill in graph­ic de­sign. She does­n’t have a very large or vary­ing se­lec­tion of ke­tubot, how­ev­er among the pieces of art she does have they are all very gor­geous and unique on their own!