Jenny Herbert from Ketubah Ink combines beautiful design and skill with ancient Jewish tradition to create something completely unique and stunning for every important milestone in your life. After creating her very first Ketubah for a close friend, she began to focus on Ketubahs. Her background and passion for art is completely evident in her selection of detailed colorful pieces.

The Ketubah Ink website has a simply layout with clean, user-friendly menus and design. Noah and I both love when a Ketubah artist takes the time into putting together a website that not only looks professional and great, but also captures the artist’s style and personality. Similar to her Ketubahs, Ketubah Ink burst with colors and an organic feel. She doesn’t have an overload of information, but does explain and give samples of how she works, her custom work, and Ketubah texts — which I definitely think is super important!

Most of Ketubah Ink’s Ketubahs contain more of a simple style with natural accents and striking colors. Although we love the Ketubahs she does have, we wish there would have been a larger collection and varying styles. There’s also not a ton of information about specific materials or ordering — questions that definitely came up when I was ordering my Ketubah for my wedding! However if you’re looking for something more straight forward and know exactly what you’re looking for, we definitely recommend checking out Ketubah Ink.