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Scribal Art is made up of native Australian artist Nikki Green. With a grounded background in Hebrew and Jewish education combined with a degree in Fine Arts, Nikki is really the total package when creating beautiful ketubot.

Nikki’s website, much like her ketubot had a very bohemian-moroccan feel to it, and we definitely loved it! It was also really user friendly and had a few different unique features that really set her website apart. Her order form was pretty basic and straight forward, which can be beneficial at times. However when Noah and I were shopping for our ketubah, we were always confused by the lack of direction and guidance on almost all ketubot websites. Her website also doesn’t list her prices, but she does have an etsy that lists some of her collection.

Most of Nikki’s inspiration when creating her ketubot comes from eastern style architecture and the detailed orientation, and it has definitely translated well. She utilizes a variety of different mediums to create her art work — from parchment and watercolor paper to gold, copper and even silver leaf decorations, all of her materials are used keeping archival purposes in mind. One feature we thought was interesting on her page was her interactive DIY tool which you can use to design your own ketubah. The tool allows you to choose your own template, background and border. Not being very artistic myself, I don’t think I would want to opt for this choice.

Scribal Art ketubot are ideal for those who want the traditional elements of a ketubah, but with a more bohemian design. As we have said before, Nikki’s background and obvious skill set make for a great combination and even better ketubot.


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