Susan Leviton is a Jewish Culture worker who is involved in the world of arts and Yiddish music. Years of honing her skills has not only led her to many personal achievements, but to a collection of ketubot that really show her talent and attention to color and detail. Her ketubot are a large mix of vibrant colors, papercut, classic painted pieces and even 22K gold touches.

Although we loved the huge collection of Susan’s ketubot, it lacked a specific direction that most ketubot artists have on their websites. She is involved in many cultural activities and groups (which were really awesome and definitely worth checking out!), however it wasn’t very clear on how to go about ordering a ketubah. That being said, her ketubot are some of the most efficiently designed we have seen — her years of experience are completely evident in her artwork!

Noah and I were especially impressed with the intense detail contained in her paper cut designs. Susan definitely has an eye for design and is an extremely talented artist. Her extensive background in the Jewish culture and various forms of artistic platforms have really aided her in creating gorgeous ketubot. For those with an artistic eye looking for something a little more traditional, or even a unique paper cut style, Susan’s work is definitely worth checking out!